I have arrived!

So I’m finally here! After almost a year of anticipating this, I can’t believe it’s actually happening. I’ll be honest, the week before I was starting to get the doubts again. I missed going back to Elon a lot and all these what ifs were running through my mind. But all those doubts were pushed away as soon as I saw the sun rising over London out the window of the plane. Talk about surreal. I just stared out the window for about an hour with probably the most ridiculous grin on my face. I couldn’t contain myself, and kept smacking Clinton out of excitement. I felt like this trip was something that I had been planning for so long but was never going to happen, and then suddenly I was on a plane about to begin a new chapter in my life, one that will probably be the best of them all. We left Newark around 7pm (after a gate change and a delay) and landed in London at 6:45am, London time. Of course I couldn’t sleep at all on the plane. I settled instead for 3 cups of coffee. Once we got here, our advisors told us not to sleep today because that will throw us off schedule. By time I go to bed tonight, I’ll probably have been up for about 30 hours.

London from the plane!

We moved into our flats this morning. I’m living in a 4 person flat, which is actually a penthouse flat, and the only one that’s two stories. Pretty sweet. The flats are in an upscale (or posh, as the English say) residential area called Little Venice. There are canals lined with pubs, cafes and bakeries. It’s so pretty. Oh and did I mention Jude Law lives down the street from us? The weather here has been amazing today. It’s sunny and in the 60s, perfect end of summer weather. After lugging our suitcases into the flats (and dealing with quite possibly the smallest elevator I’ve ever seen) me, Sarah, Clinton and Lina decided to go get cell phones. We went to Carphone Warehouse (yes they still call them carphones) and got these super tiny phones that are cheap, but get the job done. Unfortunately though, I can only communicate with people over here. 😦 We made friends with the British man at the phone store who thought it was just so cool that we were his age. He also told us he loved our accents. Ha! I love British accents. I’m so fascinated when I hear people speak. It’s also interesting to hear the different terminology they use (surname instead of last name, autograph instead of signature). After getting our phones we went to check out some of the markets and grocery stores and just got some basic food items for lunch this week. Nothing too exciting, everyone is pretty jet lagged (surprisingly I’m not) so tomorrow will be our discovering the neighborhood day. We have a group meeting at 4:30 today and then we’ll probably go to dinner somewhere. I’ll keep you updated, this week will be pretty busy!

UPDATE: Just had my first dinner in London. We went to this cute cafe right on the canal in Little Venice! It was so pretty. And the food was good too (so it’s not true that all the food is bad in London haha). And we ordered our first drinks since we’re legal here! Don’t freak out Mom and Dad, it was just a glass of wine- Chardonnay! Mmm overall, it was a successful dining experience!

View from our table at the restaurant


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  1. travelingmad
    Aug 31, 2010 @ 14:23:34


    I just relocated to Europe myself. I left Newark, NJ and have arrived in Paris, France for a graduate degree.

    I felt like I had been traveling for about 24 hours and shortly after arrival the school made us all take our student id photos!! It was not my best photo and I’m not looking forward to seeing it all year.

    Enjoy London. Great city!


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