Big Rocks, Slippery Lions, Creepy Guards, Scary Sharks

I’ve been too busy going everywhere in London to blog for the past couple of days so I’m going to slam you with another long post describing both of them.

Saturday we went to Stonehenge and Bath as our last orientation trip. We had about a 2 hour bus ride to Stonehenge. I won’t spend much time describing Stonehenge because I’m assuming everyone knows what it looks like, and you can’t really spend much time explaining rocks anyway. But it was pretty awesome to see. Our tour guide said that the large rocks weigh about as much as 7 elephants! Imagine moving those from thousands of miles away! And this was before the invention of the wheel. You couldn’t go up to the rocks because they were fenced off but you could walk all the way around. We spent about an hour there before we left for Bath.

Sarah and I at Stonehenge!

We then had to drive another hour to Bath. Bath was such a gorgeous city. It was so picturesque because it looked more like Italy than England, due to the Roman invasion. We had a little while to grab lunch before our tour of the Roman Baths. I had a Cornish pastry. It was a super buttery pastry filled with beef, stilton cheese and potatoes. It was actually really good.

Beautiful park in Bath

We then toured the Roman Baths which were really cool. The main bath is still intact and some of the smaller ones too. The baths are fed by a natural hot spring and there is also a cold bath for detoxing. Apparently the detox bath was good for wishing because there were thousands of coins in it, so of course we made a wish and threw our (American) coins in.

The Roman Baths

After the tour, me and Clinton walked around Bath for a little while. We went into a fudge shop that smelled amazing because they were making the fudge right out front. We had the best chocolate and caramel fudge. We then walked to the Pulteney bridge, which is one of only 4 bridges in the world which has shops all the way across it on both sides. We went into the art museum for a little while before heading back. We drove 3 hours back to London and saw some of the prettiest English countryside on the way.

Pulteney Bridge

The next day (Sunday) was our first free day in London. Me and Sarah decided to go to Trafalgar Square and do some sightseeing. We attempted to mount the lion statues in Trafalgar, which was quite the feat. The lions are much more large and slippery than we realized. They’re made of bronze so when we would try to jump and climb up their haunches, we would just end up slipping back down. It didn’t help that we were wearing leggings so it was especially slippery. I finally managed to get up with a boost from Sarah. Sarah however wasn’t so lucky. She’s a bit shorter than me so she couldn’t reach the legs as easily as I could. After multiple boosts from me and strange looks from other tourists, we finally gave up.

Me on the lion at Trafalgar Square

After Trafalgar we walked down the street to see Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey. On the way we passed some guards on horses and stopped to take pictures with them. Mistake. Each picture led to a weird story. For the first picture, I stood next to the horse with a guard on it even though the “Horses may kick and bite you” sign freaked me out a little. Everyone before me hadn’t had a problem with the horse but as soon as I stood next to it, it nudged me with his head and then decided to lick my whole arm with his huge disgusting tongue. Everyone around me thought this was hilarious, especially an old English couple. They were just in complete hysterics and when they finally were able to speak, the man goes “You wouldn’t have minded if the fellow licked you, eh?” Talk about hilariously awkward.

See the horse going in for the kill

Picture number 2: next to the guard on the ground. I didn’t think they were allowed to talk but I said hi anyway because I felt weird just going up and taking a picture with him. So while we’re taking the picture he mumbles “you’re my new friend.” I was so in shock that he talked and didn’t even know what to say to that so I just said thanks and ran off.  After that weirdness was over, we walked to Westminster Abbey. Unfortunately we couldn’t go in because it was closed for visitors on Sunday but it was still cool to see. We had lunch at a pub called the Red Lion, where we had the best Fuller beer breaded fish and chips.

After lunch we went to walk down the Thames and then realized the London Aquarium was right along the river so of course we couldn’t resist that. The aquarium was one of the best I’d ever been to. All the tanks were uniquely designed. Some were bubbles, some were tubes, some were tunnels, some were like little coves you could walk into and they even had a glass floor over the shark tank. They had a ton of different types of fish including sharks, sea turtles, stingrays, tropical fish, rainforest species of fish, and even fish found in the Thames. It was 3 floors and I would totally recommend it to anyone. After the aquarium we found a crepe vendor outside and I got a Nutella and banana crepe which was so good. It was at this point that I realized just how happy I was. Me and Sarah both agreed that life couldn’t get any better than it is now. We are living in one of the most amazing cities in the world and have some of the most awesome opportunities on our doorstep. London has so much to do and I still can’t believe I’m living here for 3 months. I’ve never had the opportunity to live in a big city or experience one for an extended period of time so I can’t wait to see what adventures this city holds for me! 🙂

Super excited about my crepe and being in London

P.S. If you’re friends with me on facebook, I put up around 160 pictures so make sure you look at them!


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