Random thoughts that didn’t individually warrant a whole post

We’ve figured out how people grocery shop in big cities!! They bring little suitcases so they can roll them home instead of lugging tons of grocery bags.

English people have weird flavors of chips. Prawn cocktail, bacon, roast chicken, and beef, to name a few.

I can’t find Ranch dressing in any of the grocery stores.

Laundry detergent is very strong scented here.

On a different note, the other day a couple was placing bets on whether I was British or American. This made me happy to know that it’s not glaringly obvious I’m American.

We went to the Portobello Film Festival tonight and let’s just say I could have found better things to do with my time. It was cool to go to a film festival but they were showing student films tonight and all I’m going to say about that is we are getting a really good education at Elon.


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