Weekend Update!

So this weekend was my first free weekend in London, and it was one well spent! Since I only have class Tuesday-Thursday, I have 4 day weekends every weekend. So awesome.

Friday afternoon, me, Sarah and the boys on our trip went to Camden Market, which is a huge open air market. (If you’ve seen the Mary Kate and Ashley movie “Winning London”, it’s the market where they try on all the crazy space age clothes. Obviously, I got super excited about this). They have everything there, from cute flowery dresses to leather studded costumes, Beatles bags to Ke$ha shirts, and tons of jewelry and random knick knack stuff. It’s also the place you’ll find all the punk people that are often associated with London. I bought some souvenirs for my family and I got a super cute dress for myself that was only 5 pounds! We stayed at the market until dinner time and then headed back to our flats to get ready for our night out.

Mary Kate and Ashley in Camden Market in "Winning London"

Earlier that day, me, Sarah and the boys (minus Clinton) had bought tickets for a nightclub called Proud in Camden because they were doing a Circus theme night, which included flame throwers, people on stilts and other entertainers. Proud has been voted one of the best clubs in London and it did not disappoint. You can only get in via guest list, which is why we had to reserve tickets. The club had 2 large rooms for dancing: one was all 80s music (where me and Sarah spent a majority of our time) and the other was typical DJed dance music. The coolest part of the club though were “the stables” which were private rooms that you could reserve. The boys ended up somehow getting us a room, which was nice because they had leather couches and chairs we could sit on to take a break from dancing. There was also an outdoor terrace which was nice to cool off on. The club had such a great atmosphere and I spent basically the whole time dancing, which was a blast. Navigating our way home from Proud was another story though. The tubes close around midnight so we always have to take the buses home, however none of our buses run through Camden so we had to find a bus stop and then figure out which ones we could take (Hey Dad, this is when that Blackberry would come in handy- the hardest part is finding the closest bust stop). You know I don’t know who said that girls are directionally challenged though because Sarah and I did all the navigating, while the boys just tried to find food the whole way home. After much stress and dealing with buses “on diversion” (aka detours) we made it home safely!

Saturday we went to the Thames festival, which is the end of the summer festival that’s held along the Thames River walk. We got lunch there (I had the most excellent Greek pita) and walked around to the vendors. There were a lot of neat handmade crafts. We also discovered this cool graffitied skateboarding area where we stayed for a while so I could take tons of pictures.

Graffiti and some of the bikers and skaters hanging out

Saturday night a bunch of us girls and Clinton went to see the new movie “Going the Distance,” starring Drew Barrymore and Justin Long. It was such a funny movie. It wasn’t just a chick flick either, as there was lots of “guy humor” in it. The movie is about a girl who aspires to be a journalist and is a summer intern in NYC. She meets a guy and they end up falling for each other, although they are aware the girl is leaving after the summer. They end up deciding to try long distance, and the movie follows the ups and downs of a long distance relationship. I won’t tell you the ending though, but I really liked it!

Today (Sunday), I woke up with a cold 😦 so I just hung out in the flat for the day and rested up for tonight. Since it was the last night of the Thames festival, there was a night Carnival parade with dancers, marching bands and other groups (even some Zombies). The festival ended with a firework show designed by renowned pyrotechnic artist, Mike Jones, who has won many firework competitions. The fireworks were shot off from 2 synchronized barges in the middle of the river. The display is actually one of only 3 displays allowed on the Thames each year. It was hard to get a spot right next to the river for the show because it was so crowded, so we watched from a side street. It was still an awesome view. And let me tell you, these English know how to put on a firework show! America, you may have 4th of July but London can do one heck of a production too!

There were always so many fireworks at once!

It was a great way to end my weekend!

Oh wait, my weekend’s not over yet because I don’t have class on Mondays! Bahaha


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  1. Mom
    Sep 13, 2010 @ 04:07:53

    Great pictures, Julia! Miss you…Love, Mom


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