You Have Stolen My Heart

As I stood by myself on Oxford Street the other day, christmas decorations twinkling above me, tourists and Londoners rushing in and out of shops, the snow softly falling around me, I almost started to tear up a little at the sudden approaching reality of leaving. It’s not that I’m not excited to go home…I’m so excited to be with my family again, it’s just so hard to leave a place that’s been your home for the past 3 months and not know when you’ll see it again. Part of the reason I feel like London is my home is because it is the home that I picked for myself, not one my parents picked. I realized that I am literally “in love” with London. I started to laugh when I realized how my love for London actually parallels a relationship. Let me explain the similarities.

When you meet someone new for the first time, it’s exciting. There’s so much you don’t know about them, so many things you haven’t done, and you can’t wait to see what they offer. This is how I felt about London upon arrival. Things are a bit awkward at first. You haven’t quite figured out all you need to know about them but you slowly ease into things as you get to know them better.

Then you hit the honeymoon phase. You’re having so much fun together. You don’t see any flaws because everything is perfect. After a few weeks though, this begins to fade. You start to see the other one’s quirks (the hell the Tubes are at rush hour, the slow walking obnoxious tourists, the bad British plumbing) but you accept them because you love them too much to let something little like that matter.

As time goes on, your relationship becomes stronger. You grow more and more attached as you get to know the other on a deeper level (the non touristy parts, the small side streets, the fastest way to get from point A to point B, the little known art galleries, the markets). When you go away for a week or a weekend you miss them and think about them the whole time, even when you’re in a place as awesome as Italy. You can’t wait to get back to see them and can’t help but smile every time you hear the words “Welcome Home” as the plane touches down in Heathrow/Stansted/Gatwick. You realize you are totally and utterly in love and don’t ever want to be apart. Your life just doesn’t seem right without them.

Just like in any relationship, you have a song that reminds you of them and makes your heart smile every time you hear it. For me, this song is “Firework” by Katy Perry (I know, cliche – not my normal type of music). But it is the song that was playing on my iPod when I got my first view of London from the plane. If you know the song, it has violins building up to the chorus which comes in quite strongly. While we were beginning our descent, the song was building up and as soon we burst through the clouds the song hit the chorus and I looked down to see all of London, the sun rising over the Thames, Big Ben and the London Eye. It was very climactic. So now every time I hear that song, I will always think of London and will never forget that first view. It sounds sappy but if you’ve ever had feelings for anyone, I know you know exactly how I feel.

The whole time you’ve been together, you’ve been dreading the inevitable end. You try not to think about it for the three months you have together, but it’s always in the back of your mind. Your stomach starts to knot when you think about it, and your heart hurts. How do you just leave someone you’ve been so happy with for the past 3 months? It just doesn’t seem right. You know that what you move on to next will never be good enough. You’ll try to replace London by going to lots of other cities but you know they’ll just remind you of it and make you even more sad. You know you won’t be totally satisfied until your together again.

Don’t get me wrong, I am excited to go home. I’ve missed my family so much and can’t wait to spend a wonderful Christmas together. Home isn’t bad, it’s just not London. It’s hard to go from having the world at your fingertips to a small town in NC. I wish I could live in London WITH my family. Then my life would be complete. And just perfect.

“By seeing London I have seen as much of life as the world can show.” – Samuel Johnson


The parentals come visit!

This update is kind of delayed but I’ve been super busy so you have to forgive me.

On Wednesday, November 3, my parents arrived in London! It was a beautiful, sunny fall morning, and after a stressful class registration thanks to this terrible internet (although I did get every single class I wanted at the time I wanted), I walked to my parents hotel (thank you Tube strike) to greet them. I knocked on the door to their room and Mom answered. After giving her a huge hug, I went to hug Dad and then ELENA POPPED OUT FROM BEHIND THE BED!!!! I was so surprised/ecstatic to see her that I screamed and jumped up and down before I could even hug her! I had no idea my parents were bringing her! It was such a great surprise because I’d missed my little sister so so so much! After relaxing at the hotel and catching up for a while, I had to leave for my art class. My class was taking a field trip to Kensington Palace to see the Enchanted Castle display, which is where they transform the palace into an enchanted world of the seven princesses who had lived in the castle. Since this was a fun exhibition, I was able to bring Elena along with me! Her first college class: age 12. After the castle we met up with my parents and went to the Warwick Castle Pub near my flat for dinner, and then a French cafe for dessert. We called it an early night since my parents were exhausted.

The next morning we met for breakfast at my favorite pancake place for Kaasballens and Dutch Pancakes. I decided to skip class (come on, I hadn’t skipped any all semester) to go with my family to the aquarium. After the aquarium, we took Elena to see Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and Trafalgar Square. We had some time to kill before our play that night so I suggested we go through the National Gallery since they have a lot of famous paintings (Van Gogh’s, Monet’s, Cerat’s, Da Vinci’s, Michelangelo’s)  and my parents really enjoyed that. That night we went to see Jersey Boys! In case you haven’t heard of it, Jersey Boys is a music that tells the story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. The play was so good and the music was of course amazing! We all really loved it and couldn’t get the songs out of our heads for the next few days.

Elena, Dad and I on the lions in Trafalgar

The next morning we decided to go to the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace. Alright, I know it’s famous and everyone wants to see it, but let me tell you, it was quite possibly the most boring thing I’ve ever watched. It’s not that exciting to watch a bunch of guards just stand there and stomp every few minutes. After about 20 minutes, none of us could handle any more of it so we left. We took the tube to St. Paul’s where we viewed the cathedral and had the most delicious burgers at Gourmet Burger Kitchen. Who would have thought I’d have to go to England to eat the best burger of my life? We briefly went into the Tate Modern so I could show my parents a display of 1o0 million hand made, hand painted, porcelain sunflower seeds in the Turbine Hall. Sarah and I attempted to steal one from the display but got yelled at  by the guard for going under the barrier. Woops. After that, we decided to go to Harrod’s since I hadn’t been yet. Oh. My. Gosh. Harrod’s = Heaven for a shopper, Hell for a bank account. Sarah, Elena and I headed to the shoe section first of course. After falling in love with every single designer shoe, and crying at the price tags, we had to move on before we made any irrational decisions. We next went to Christmas world (the 365 days a year Christmas section) and saw the most gorgeous themed Christmas trees and Christmas decorations. After browsing through housewares, designer clothes, and furniture, we stumbled upon my future home. The Fendi Casa. The Fendi Casa is a display apartment furnished by the designer, Fendi. There were the coolest circle chairs, chandeliers, bedazzled pillows, mod tables and chairs and princessy beds. We weren’t allowed to take pictures but I managed to sneak one. We spent around 20 minutes in there pretending we lived there. I will be rich and I will own everything in the Fendi Casa. After we finally managed to tear ourselves away, we headed downstairs to the food section. And by food section, I mean food section of the gods. There was the most amazing smelling food at the restaurants, fresh baked bread from the bakery, gelato in 20 flavors, amazing meats and cheeses and the most perfect looking fruits and vegetables. So Mom and Dad if you see a large Harrod’s charge on the credit card it’s because I’ve started doing my grocery shopping there…. There is also an amazing candy section with chocolate shoes, huge cakes and even £2000 gold tea. We finally made it out of Harrod’s without becoming bankrupt, my purchase being an adorable ’50’s style apron. After Harrod’s we went to back home and ordered Thai food for dinner.


Saturday morning we went to the world famous Portobello Market. We made some amazing Ghanian food, delicious apple cream puff pastries, quiches, and brownies. We browsed the antique vendors and bought some authentic souvenirs. After the market we went to Abbey Road since Elena loves the Beatles. Then I took my parents to Oxford Street to see the christmas lights and then go to Primark, where I got a fur vest and Elena got some clothes too.

Sunday morning, I had to do an independent art walk for my art class, but I didn’t want to do it alone since it was through East London, so I brought my Dad along. We were given ipods and headphones and had to follow the artists instructions on this walk down Jack the Ripper alleyways, past markets and even into a church. It was a bit creepy, especially because it was hard to tell what sounds were real and which were coming from the audio. We’d had a bit of a problem with the tubes earlier because some were closed for repairs (they’re trying to get everything ready for the Olympics) and there was a signal failure on another line, causing severe delays, so we got a later start then planned. We had to meet Mom and Elena for our river cruise/London Eye Flight at 2:45 and we didn’t finish the walk until 2, and we were in a totally different part of town. We didn’t want to risk the tubes again and the bus would take too long, so we hailed a cab and instructed him to get us to the London Eye as quick as he could. We had quite the nice cabby who made sure he went as fast as he safely could. He dropped us off right in front of the Eye at 2:40 and we sprinted into the ticket office only to find out the 2:45 cruise was cancelled because of high tide so we had to wait until 3:45 anyway. It actually worked out better anyway, since we were on the cruise at sunset (yes, the sun sets at like 4:30 now). The cruise went all the way down the Thames, from the Houses of Parliament to Southwark. We then went on our London Eye flight. The London Eye is the giant ferris wheel that offers incredible 360 degree views of the city. It was night time, which made the view all the more gorgeous with the twinkling lights of the city spread out below us. That night we went to a Mediterranean restaurant for my belated birthday dinner.

Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament at sunset (if you look closely you can see Westminster behind Big Ben)

For our last day, we went to Eastbourne to see the chalk cliffs at Beachy Head. I had been wanting to see the cliffs for a while since I’d heard they were gorgeous. The highest cliff in England is at Beachy Head. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a very good day weather wise. It was freezing cold, windy and rainy. Mom wasn’t sure she wanted to go up to the cliffs once we got there, but after much convincing we finally got a cab to drive us there. We got out at the cliffs, which had stunning views but unfortunately we couldn’t go very close to the edge because it was too windy. I’ve never felt wind so strong. I was walking with my umbrella when suddenly my umbrella flipped inside out, breaking half the stokes and then the wind spun me around so fast, I couldn’t even walk in a straight line. If we had gotten any closer to the edge, we wouldn’t have been strong enough to resist the wind and probably would have been blown off. It was definitely worth it to see though. We went back into town where we had the most delicious lunch at a pub. Mom and I split a honey roasted pumpkin sandwich with goat cheese and red onion marmalade, and a broccoli/cauliflower/potato casserole in a white wine sauce. So yummy. We walked around the town for a little while and then returned to London. That night we went out for Chinese food and then had frozen yogurt at a place called Frog, that was a bit like Pinkberry. I then had to say goodbye to my parents 😦 But I get to see them in less than 3 weeks and I’m so glad they were able to come!

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Finding Beauty Within

Raise your hand if the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “beautiful” is a big city. I’m guessing your hand isn’t raised. Not many people consider a big bustling city to be beautiful. However, there are things that make each city beautiful; you just have to find them. The beauty lies within.

Let’s first talk about the literal side of things. What inspired this blog post is Queen Mary’s Gardens in Regent’s Park. Regent’s Park is a huge park in the middle of the big city of London (it’s where I went paddle boating on my birthday). I’ve always thought it was beautiful but Sunday I went to Queen Mary’s Gardens, which makes up the inner circle of the garden. It was the most perfect day outside, 65 degrees and sunny (not a cloud in the sky), which is very uncharacteristic of London at this time. The gardens have every type of rose imaginable, all with the most unique names, from Razzle Dazzle to Remember Me; Sexy Rexy to Lovely Lady.


Lost in the roses


In the center section, there is a large grassy area surrounding by the roses where families, couples and friends laid out enjoying the sunshine. As we walked around the outer part of it, there were paths that branched off to other areas. One area reminded me of Alice in Wonderland because it had large maze like hedges, spiral trees and crazy types of plants. Another area was a labyrinth of more roses! There was also a pond with weeping willows and a water fall leading into it. It was so gorgeous and everyone seemed so happy. Seeing all this beauty and happiness made me feel like my life was perfect and I didn’t have a care in the world. It’s nice to just pause and admire life sometimes. Some people talk about experiencing bliss and I finally feel like I’ve found it on this trip. It’s not something you can go looking for, it just happens. You’re just walking around and then suddenly you just get this swelling feeling and you feel as though you just want to scream with joy because you’re overflowing with happiness. This isn’t the first time I’ve experienced this feeling since I’ve been here and I’m sure it won’t be the last. As a matter of fact, it happened again a few days later.


The Pond in Queen Mary's Garden. Pictures just don't do it justice...


Example two: crossing the Jubilee Bridge. Sounds like an odd place to suddenly be filled with bliss but let me set up the scene for you. The Jubilee Bridge crosses over the Thames River. It’s 7pm (which means its dark) on a chilly fall night. Notes of a jazz song float down the bridge to greet me, courtesy of a sax player  playing romantic songs for the couples on the bridge. As I walk across the bridge, I look to my left and see the skyline of modern London. The twinkling lights reflected on the Thames while the breeze blew in the scent of the ocean. I then look to my right to see Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. It was such a beautiful contrast to have this city that’s so modern on one side of me and then a gorgeous historical part of it on my other side. I closed my eyes and breathed in the cool air and the scent of the ocean, absorbed the sounds of the jazz music, opened my eyes and felt totally at peace with the world. It was that same feeling of bliss, but in addition to screaming with happiness, I wanted to cry at how beautiful life can be sometimes.

Unfortunately I didn’t have a camera with me to capture that moment, but I plan on going back to do so.

On another note, I am leaving at 4am (in 6 hours) to fly to Rome! I am spending my fall break traveling through Italy for 10 days. I’ll be starting in Rome and then going to Florence and Venice. I’ve wanted to go to Italy for basically my whole life and am so excited I’m finally going! I’m sure I’ll have many more bliss moments (and lots of pictures) to share with you! Ciao!

This is long overdue….

Since Ruth yelled at me for not updating in a while (but then kept me from doing so with an hour long skype conversation- but it’s ok because I’m so glad I got to talk to you!) I figured I should probably stop being lazy and fill you all in. (This whole never having homework thing is bad for my motivation.)

I think I last left you with the Natural History Museum. Since then I have been to Buckingham Palace, the London Zoo, the Tate Modern, East End gallery openings, seen Hamlet at the National Theatre, and celebrated my birthday!

Buckingham Palace was stunning of course. The inside was fit for a queen (haha get it, my attempt at a pun), with elaborate decorated ceilings and walls, ornate furniture and gorgeous paintings. We weren’t allowed to take pictures inside so unfortunately you’ll just have to believe me when I assure you it was amazing. After the tour I had profiteroles at the cafe on the terrace behind the palace and then walked through the scenic gardens. It was so crazy to see this huge garden with a lake just in the middle of bustling London.


In front of Buckingham!


Since I love animals, we couldn’t pass up going to the London Zoo. It’s a huge zoo with such a large variety of animals. They even had an aquarium within the zoo. In addition to the main animals, they also had a petting area where I frolicked with sheep and took silly pictures with a llama. If you know me well, you know that I love otters and much to my delight the zoo had about 10 adorable otters. They were all burrowing together and rolling around and being silly. And what do I love just as much as otters? Meerkats, which the zoo had plenty of, and much to my delight there were 3 fuzzy little baby meerkats! I’ve never seen babies before so of course I spent a good 15 minutes squealing and trying to convince myself not to jump in the exhibit and steal one.


Is this not the cutest thing you've ever seen?


As part of my art class, we visit museums so we went to the Tate Modern Wednesday. The museum is right on the river and we had the first beautiful day in a while for it. The weather has been perfect this weekend: sunny and 65 degrees. The museum was pretty awesome. We saw paintings by Monet, Warhol, Picasso, and Dali, in addition to some crazy modern art (kitchen appliances, huge woven carpet pieces, a giant 3 way plug). While I enjoyed the museum, I kept finding myself staring out the window wishing I could be outside running around in the sunshine (little did I know this wish would be taken literally when I had to run down the river path to get to Hamlet in time…) After grabbing dinner at Tortilla, an amazing burrito place only in Mexico, Cali and London, (it’s the new Moe’s), we wandered into a boutique where I found the most amazing dress. I didn’t want to try it on because I knew I would have to buy it but of course I fell prey to temptation. After realizing it was my birthday in 2 days and I didn’t have anything suitable as a birthday dress, I knew I had to buy it. Love at first try on.

At this point we realized we only had 20 minutes to book it down the Thames path to the National Theatre. Sarah thought we would be fine walking at a normal pace, but oh no, after checking our progress on a map, we had practically gone nowhere after a 10 minute walk. And there were 7 minutes til curtain. Cool. We were those Americans running along the Thames screaming “3 minutes! 2 minutes! 1 MINUTE!” (Our theatre teacher had strictly warned us not to be late because in England they shut you out if you’re late to a play). We flew through the front doors and asked the first employee we could find where our theatre was (there are multiple ones in the National Theatre). After a sassy response “You know they’re starting now” (Nooo, we are just sweaty and out of breath for funsies), we managed to slide into our seats right as the lights went down. Our teacher had failed to inform us that this version of Hamlet was a modern one, so I was a bit confused when the guards in the first scene came out with machine guns. At first I didn’t like the modernization of it. It was weird to see men in business suits speaking Shakespearean English, but as the play went on, it grew on me. It was done really well and even though it was 3 and half hours long, I never lost interest. The one thing I didn’t like was the look of the actor portraying Hamlet. He looked too old and had a bald spot and receding hairline. Not what I think of when I picture Hamlet, the young prince of Denmark. He was a good actor though, so I’ll give him that.

Thursday after class, Sarah and I did some shopping on Oxford Circus (shoes, shoes, and more shoes) before we had to meet our art teacher for our event that evening. As part of class, our teacher wanted to take us to some galleries in the East end of London. The East End was quite an experience. It was very artsy and definitely a different feel than the posh area we’re in. The first thursday of every month, there is an event on Vyner Street where the galleries all open and tons of people come to drink and look at art. One of the galleries had free wine while most others had 1 pound beer. And this was part of class, baha. Most of the galleries were very strange modern art and some made me very uncomfortable (ex: Ninja Turtle Sex Museum) but there were a couple that were neat. It was definitely an interesting experience. After the galleries, we headed home to go to O’Neills, the pub with live music that we go to every Thursday. When it turned midnight, my roommate Amanda screamed to everyone in the bar that it was my birthday, resulting in me being thrown up in the air by a Spanish man and his friend, Alejandro (who told Sarah he inspired the Lady Gaga song….)

Friday, since it was my birthday, we went paddle boating on the lake in Regent’s Park because we had another perfect day! It was so pretty because the lake is lined with willow trees and filled with swans and we also saw the cutest couple row boating. The man was in a suit rowing the while the girl read the newspaper. Want to be them.


On the lake! Isn't Regent's Park beautiful?


That night I wore my new dress and went to Fabric, the biggest club in London. It was so much fun! There were 3 different dance halls and it was all crazy Euro techno music. At one point, I was pulled up on stage by a pack of shirtless boys to dance, which was hilarious. I danced til I could no longer stand in my treacherous heels. Totally satisfying birthday weekend.


Sarah and I (wearing my perfect birthday dress)



And the back of the favorite part!


Another random one…

It gets dark at like 7pm here. And apparently continues to get earlier as the winter goes on…

Despite the early darkness and overcast days, for whatever reason my freckles have been explosive here. You’d think I’d spent a week at the beach or something.

There are so. many. stairs. in this town. They really like spiral staircases here too. I’m going to have the best legs and buns of steel after this trip.

Couples here are way more affectionate than Americans. They obviously don’t have problems with PDA here…And I’m not talking about in clubs or bars, I’m talking about just every day anywhere in the city.

Mom and Dad, you’re going to need to buy me all new shoes when I get home. City walking and cobblestones and whatnot have destroyed all of my shoes.

London actually does Mexican food well.

Torture, Towers, and Turrets

So this weekend I fit in a few more tourist attractions. London has so many things to see that it’s almost overwhelming!

On Friday, I went to the Tower of London with some of my friends. While looking at the brochure we discovered that admission to the tower also covers three different guided tours. However, as we soon found out, the “guided tours” were just sitting in a chapel with a “yeoman” telling us about the history. Fail. We decided that it would  be more fun to walk around and just see the things ourselves. One cool thing we did learn from the first tour was that Anne Boleyn was buried in the chapel we were sitting in. The Tower of London should really be called the Towers of London because there are multiple towers. My favorite was the tower with the crown jewels in it. You have to stand on a conveyer belt to move past them so unfortunately I couldn’t stand and marvel at them for hours. They were breathtakingly gorgeous. I picked out the crown I want when I marry a British royal. It was so crazy to look at them and know that these huge oversized gems were actually real. The largest diamond in the world is actually in one of the scepters, so that was awesome to see. Unfortunately though we couldn’t take pictures. After the jewels we went in some more towers, shot a bow, jousted, saw the largest and the smallest armor ever made, where Sir Walter Ralegh stayed, the execution block and torture devices. Overall it was pretty interesting, but I thought there was going to be more creepy than it was. Whenever I’ve heard about the Tower of London it was about all the horrible torture and executions they did there but there were only 3 torture devices and they were the typical devices – the stretcher, the scavengers daughter (compressor) and shackles. I was expecting to see crazy ones like the coffin of nails. During the summer, one of the radio stations in Hickory was doing a special on torture devices used in London so I was gearing myself to see all of those but there weren’t any. I remember on the show they talked about how one of the kings had a favorite method of torture for prisoners: he would put them in a box and fill the box with hot coals, but had holes put in the box so he could hear their screams. Morbid I know, but that’s what I was expecting to see.

The Scavenger's Daughter

After the tower, we ate lunch at a pub on the river, where I had fish and chips, of course. That night, Elon parents who live around the corner from us hosted a party for us students and Elon alumni in London. We had some wonderful food (lamb, duck, shrimp, mini cheeseburgers, fish and chips and many desserts) and got to mingle with the alumni who were all really nice. The Dean of Admissions of Elon flew out to visit so we got to talk to him too. We even skyped with Leo Lambert!! For those of you who don’t know the great Leo, he’s the president of Elon and we all love him. After the party, I just hung out and watch the Lizzie McGuire movie with some friends. Don’t judge, I love that movie and it got me even more excited to go to Rome!

Saturday morning I got up really early to go to Windsor Castle. We had an absolutely beautiful day- low 60s and completely sunny, such a rarity for England at this time.

Check out that gorgeous sky

Windsor Castle is actually the largest castle still in use today. It’s also the Queen’s favorite castle, and I can see why. It had beautiful gardens and the inside was so ornate and elegant.

Gorgeous garden and fall leaves

Lovely garden and fall leaves

On display there was Queen Mary’s dollhouse, which is a huge dollhouse that was built for her and each room in it was designed by a famous London designer. Everything in the dollhouse is real too, like the plates are actually made of silver. It was awesome. After the castle we explored the town of Windsor, which was a cute little town. I had my first cup of English tea and scones with clotted cream. Clotted cream sounds like such a gross thing but it was actually amazing. I felt so British!

Sunday I needed to catch up on my sleep so I didn’t do any touristy things…

Today (Monday), Clinton and I went to the Museum of Natural History. We saw dinosaurs (including an animatronic T-Rex), lots of different animals (we had fun imitating the animals for pictures) gems, minerals, and many other things.

Being a bear, obviously.

It was a really nice museum, and just like all museums in London it was free! The museum building is gorgeous too, it kind of looks like a cathedral.

Inside the main hall of the museum

Now another long week begins….wait not really because class still isn’t real life! I’m hoping we finish watching Shakespeare in Love in class tomorrow….

Life is sweet

Ok it’s official, I’m never moving back to the United States.

If you know me, you know I have a major sweet tooth and much to my delight, English candy does more than just satisfy it.

Let’s be honest, the sweets here are just so much more awesome. In addition to having amazing candy of their own, they take American sweets and make them ten times better. Ex: Kit Kat Senses – Kit Kat’s filled with hazelnut praline creme.

Rewind like 6 years to my first experience of English candy: The Aero Bar. My friend from England had gone for a visit and brought some of these bars back. It was love at first bite. The bars are made by Nestle and have air bubbles in them so they’re very light. My favorite are the chocolate and mint ones. Of course I couldn’t find these bars in the US but was delighted to find them in Canada on our family vacation a couple years later, but haven’t had them since. I think you can guess what the first candy I bought here was.

The first time I approached a candy aisle here I literally was a kid in a candy shop. Thanks to Easter and Cadbury Creme Eggs, I love Cadbury chocolate which happens to be the major chocolate here (not Hershey’s). After having a couple weeks to try a good amount of different types, I’m here to tell you about my favorites (in no particular order).

Rowntree’s Randoms

I kid you not when I say these are the best gummies in the world. There is a large section of my suitcase being devoted to bringing these home in mass quantities. They literally are the most random shapes you could ever imagine (umbrellas, socks, alligators, ice cream cones, etc) and they have the best flavor. There are some that are just fruity, then some that are fruity with a marshmallowy bottom, and some that are kind of all marshmallowy (I don’t know how to describe these haha).

Aero Bar

I already described this above.

Kit Kat Senses.

Also above.

Cadbury Nibbles

These are little disks of chocolate that come either in milk, white, or dark chocolate or filled with caramel. The caramel are my favorite.

Starburst Choozers

These are like Gushers but they’re Starbursts filled with that gooey stuff. They have cool flavors like blueberry filled with lemon and mango filled with cherry.

Cadbury Twisted

A Cadbury Egg but in a cool twisty bar form. So basically more enjoyment for a longer time.

Now candy isn’t the only sweet thing here that I’ve fallen in love with.

*This deserves a drumroll*


The. Best. Ice. Cream. Bar. I. Have. Ever. Had.

The bars are honeycomb flavored ice cream covered in Cadbury chocolate that has popping candy in it (like Pop Rocks). You’re probably thinking this sounds weird, maybe disgusting. Don’t worry though, it’s normal to have these feelings at first. I did too. But then I took a bite. It’s a little piece of heaven.

Even our American fast food restaurants that they have here have cooler things. I haven’t had tried any of them yet but we’ve seen the menus/advertisements and it’s totally not fair. KFC has these awesome ice cream things called Krushems that look like Blizzards or McFlurrys and Burger King has ridiculously yummy sounding flavors of milkshakes. Will update on you when I try these.

Aaaaaand I made the best discovery the other day. There is a Krispy Kreme right around the corner from my school. Hollah!! I can officially move here now and not regret leaving any of my favorite eateries behind! And of course, they had better flavors here in addition to the originals. I had a Caramel Dreamcake donut, which is an amazing caramel filled, chocolate iced donut (they might have these in the states but in my 19 years of Krispy Kreme I have never seen them). Also on the menu: butterscotch fudge and coffee cream. Mmm

Update: just had the Butterscotch Fudge! It was like the chocolate ice creme filled donuts but the creme was butterscotch flavored. And there were pieces of caramel fudge on top. So yummy!

I hope I’ve made your mouth water at some point during this post and I promise I will continue to update you on my new sweet discoveries!

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